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Aly Schweigert

Digital Marketing / Audience Growth / Content Strategy


I transform digital content into qualified audiences.

It can be difficult to cut through that noise to demonstrate the unique value your product and company provide.

I can help.

I’m a digital marketer and content strategist with over ten years of experience digitally packaging content to grow qualified audiences eager to become customers.

Currently an in-house marketer, I have agency and non-profit healthcare marketing experience. With a background in digital marketing, I focus on data-driven insights to fine-tune future strategy and maximize results.

Marketing Strategist &
Content Junkie

I have a Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition, which focuses on how to communicate in a persuasive and compelling way.

Since 2018, I’ve been the Senior Manager of Digital Content Strategy at the American Medical Association (AMA), where I manage a team of four marketers. The AMA is a household name and national brand that promotes the art and science of medicine while advocating for physicians’ and patients’ needs. The AMA has been incredibly active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before joining the AMA, I worked as a Marketing Manager at Emmi, a Chicago SaaS company that develops digital patient engagement solutions for health systems and other care settings. Emmi was acquired in 2017 by Wolters Kluwer Health.

Relevant Experience
  • American Medical Association — Sr. Marketing Manager
  • Wolters Kluwer Health — Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Cleriti - Inbound Marketing Manager
  • 2021 AVA Awards Platinum: Digital Marketing Campaign “AMA Physicians’ Powerful Advocate and Trusted Voice” (Contributor)
  • 2021 AVA Awards Gold: Podcast Series “AMA COVID-19 Update Podcast Series”
  • 2019 Content Marketing Award Finalist: Association Publication “Moving Medicine Magazine”
  • Ball State University — Masters of Arts, English Rhetoric and Composition
  • Indiana Wesleyan University — Bachelors of Arts, English and Writing
Core Skills

I transform digital content into qualified audiences

My time at the AMA and Wolters Kluwer has given me a deep understanding of the challenges physicians and providers face. I leverage my understanding of their needs to package content with added value and grow qualified digital audiences.

Digital Marketing

If great content is published in a forest, does it make a sound? Building strong core content is key — but you won't see results until it's packaged and distributed on the channels your audience use daily.

Audience Growth

The goal of a good top-of-funnel strategy? Build an audience eager to consume your content as part of their daily media habits — and push that audience to understand your value.

Content Strategy

What's the difference between a playlist and a customer-generating content marketing machine? Adding extra value on top of core content is a key way to encourage customers to consume more content and travel down your marketing funnel.

Want to know more?

Over a decade of digital marketing experience can be hard to put into bullet points. Check out my full resume or look at my portfolio for a deeper dive into my work experience.


Cool ideas. What do they actually look like in action?

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Browse my portfolio for examples of the digital marketing campaigns and content strategies I’ve implemented.

Digital Marketing, Audience Growth

I oversee strategy and operations for the AMA’s flagship newsletter brand, Morning Rounds. Across three brands, Morning Rounds is delivered 6 days a week to over 330K member-eligible subscribers. During my time at the AMA, I doubled ad share revenue to over $1.5MM/year. This year, I launched a rebranding campaign that allows us to grow our subscription base — and, in turn, our incoming revenue.

Audience Growth, Content Strategy
When I joined the AMA in 2018, I developed the first long-term audio strategy for the company. Since then, I’ve launched six AMA podcasts, including the AVA award-winning AMA COVID-19 Update.
Digital Marketing, Audience Growth
I am the product owner and marketing director of the flagship AMA Connect app, which allows for personalized content feeds, multiple content types like articles, video and audio, and links users directly to their member accounts. I direct strategy for user engagement, acquisition, optimization and marketing for the app.
Audience Growth, Content Strategy
In rapid response to COVID-19, my team developed a lead generation program designed to build a COVID-frontline physician opt-in list while providing physicians with urgently-needed information from multiple trusted sources. We packaged existing SME content into an easy-to-digest format and leveraged the list to email users with crucial updates as the pandemic evolved. Within a month, the lead generation program received over 11,000 downloads without any paid traffic.
Digital Marketing, Content Strategy
Wolters Kluwer acquired Emmi, a digital patient engagement company, in 2016. As part of the acquisition, product marketers from both teams looked to develop a new product for an as-yet untapped market: the post-acute space. After meeting with sales leadership, I developed an integrated, multi-channel campaign to raise awareness for our new post-acute abilities, generate new leads and nurture existing prospects. I managed all aspects of the campaign, including: overseeing the development of the initial press release, pricing and developing digital ad buys, developing an asset kit to assist Sales, and more. The campaign produced tangible results, generating over 50 sales-ready leads and directly led to at least one signed large-value contract and two contract-phase discussions.

Want to know more?

Over a decade of digital marketing experience can be hard to put into bullet points. Check out my full resume for a deeper dive into my work experience.

Let’s chat

I'm always down to grab virtual coffee or meet in the Chicagoland area to talk about all things content strategy, marketing, lead generation, and podcasting.